Alice through the Looking-Glass

The glass was melting away, like a bright silvery mist. In a moment, Alice was through and had crossed over into the looking-glass room. 

In this book, Alice stood in front of the looking-glass. Suddenly, she found she had got into the mirror world. In the imaginary world of her dream, flowers could talk and she met the Red Queen. Then, the Red Queen led her up the hill. From the top, Alice could see all over the country. She felt it like a giant chessboard she always plays!! The Red Queen told Alice if she got to the Eighth Square, she would be a Queen.So they got to move faster. There were also a lot of strange things happening she has never thought of.

In our final literature circle, we shared the most interesting scene while reading this book. I think the scene Alice talking with flowers was very interesting. I also made some dreams about talking with pets and plants. When I was child, I wished I could raised a dog. However, my parents didn't allow me to do so. So I think this book voiced our mind to show us the wonderful world we had never been to .


The story of Heidi

'I'm not going with you, Aunt Dete!' Heidi cries.

'Oh yes, you are!' Dete answers.

One day, Heidi’s aunt takes her to her grandfather’s place, because she can't take care of Heidi. Heidi lives together with her grandfather. Heidi used her pure personality and love to warm her grandfather, who appeared indifferent but was actually warm-hearted. Heidi loves her home in the Swiss mountains and her grandfather. She also likes her friend, Peter. But, after two years, the village pastor visits grandfather’s hut one day. The housekeeper is unfriendly to Heidi, and Heidi feels more and more homesick. She helps a kind paralyzed girl Clara. In Heidi’s encouragement, Clara used her power to learn to walk. Peter broke Clara's wheelchair, and he was very sorry about that. In the end, they became good friend and lived a happy life.

In our literature circle, I had a discussion with my members about the question whether what Peter did was right thing or not. Actually, in our daily, not everyone is perfect. People can make a mistake. And everything that happens has a cause and effect. In this book, what Peter did gave Clara a chance to challenge herself. We hardly ever challenge ourselves and if we ever do, we have various excuses for not responding fully.


The Prince of Egypt

'My son, there is nothing I can give you. I can only pray that you will live. I hope that we'll meet again.' Yocheved carefully placed her baby in the basket. She looked at him for one last time. 

著者 : David A Adler
発売日 : 1999-08-23
     The Hebrew slaves lived in a village in the eastern part of Egypt. They had to work hard to build the big palaces and temples of Egypt. But one day, soldiers began searching for babies. They obeyed the law made by Pharaoh to kill every Hebrew baby boy. So Yocheved made a decision to place her baby to a safe place. Before saying goodbye, she began to sing a lullaby.
'Hush now, my baby
Be still, love, don't cry.
Sleep as you're rocked by the stream.
Sleep and remember
My last lullaby
So I'll be with you when you dream...' 

     Moses grew up as a prince in Pharaoh's place. And he had a brother who would be the next Pharaoh. There was perfect harmony between the two brothers. After the palace dinner, Moses met a young woman. But he didn't know she was his sister, Miriam. And the young man with her was Aaron, his brother. Miriam was surprised that her brother was still alive. Moses didn't believe Miriam's words until she began to sing a lullaby. Moses was sad and worried, because he seemed to remember the lullaby. Do you think Moses will get back home the palace? Or will he leave the palace, live with her family?


The Mask of Zorro

The stranger stood in the dark shadows by the door. His large sombrero was pulled down over his eyes. He wore a long dark cloak around his body.

     The Mask of Zorro takes place in California in about 1822. At that time, California was controlled by Spain. The man, Zorro, is very clever and full of mystery. Nobody has seen his face because he wears a black mask and in black coming out. He cuts the faces of his enemies with his sword, marking them with a shape like the letter Z. The governor offers a reward for Zorro. They will pay a lot of money to the man who kills Zorro. Sergeant Gonzales is a strong man and he often fights with other soldiers. He wants to kill Zorro and get the reward. Lorita has three admirers. They are Don Diego Vega, Captain Ramon and Zorro. Who will win this lady's love? Do you think Zorro will be caught or not?

"I'm not a real theid. I only punish the enemies of the poor and the weak." (p.7)
     The main character in this book, Zorro, is similar with a Korean drama I've watched which is called "Iljimae". He always helps people in need. And he has never killed people, though he always fights with bad people who are very rich. So he is such a hero that everyone respect him and treat him as treasure. It is a great drama that you should watch it once!


Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre has no parents and no money. She goes to live at Lowood School. The pupils at Lowood are cold and hungry. Many pupils become sick and die.

     The beginning of the story, Jane is a lonely, powerless ten-year-old girl. She lost her parents, living with her aunt and cousions who dislike her. Then she is forced to send to Lowood Institution. Unfortunately, life turns out to be terrible, too. She is still under physical and spiritual punishment. Six years later, she becomes a teacher there. After two years teaching life at Lowood Institution, she plans to leave there to pursuit her own life and happiness. She was in a position of governess through a letter from Thornfield. Her life was totally changed after that. There she met a lovely girl, Adele and her master, Mr. Rochester. While living in the house of Mr. Rochester, she always hears strange sounds from the attic during the night. Who is there?


A Christmas Carol

"I don't have a merry Christmas," said Scrooge. "Christmas is nonsense. It's humbug! I don't believe in Christmas. I'm not giving money to anyone else so they can have a merry Christmas." 

     A Christmas Carol is our second book to talk about in the Literature Circle. Scrooge is rich but very selfish, greedy and heartless, showing no feeling for the Christmas spirit. Scrooge was warned by his business partner, Marley's ghost. Then he became changing the way of thinking. He is visited by three ghosts. He sees visions of his past, present and future that inspire him to become a new, generous and kind-hearted man. Living the high speed developing society, sometimes people may become cold and heartless or some people may become a money-making machine. They will live lonely, but the saddest thing is that they haven't realized this. Therefore, reading this novel A Christmas Carol will make us to reconsider the meaning of life. 


The Happy Prince

 In The Happy Prince a little swallow stops on its journey towards the sun and helps a big-hearted Prince to bring some happiness to his people. 

The Happy Prince is our first book to talk about in the Literature Circle. The happy prince is a famous fairy tale written by Oscar Wilde. When I first heard the book's name, I thought it must be an interesting story about the happy life of the prince or about the romantic love between the prince and princess. However, it was a sad story. The prince devoted himself to the happiness of others. I was greatly touched by what the prince and the little swallow have done.

Alice through the Looking-Glass

The glass was melting away, like a bright silvery mist. In a moment, Alice was through and had crossed over into the looking-glass room. ...